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Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced individuals who specialize in the management and operation of these vessels. From skilled seafarers to technical engineers and logistics experts, each member plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient operation of our fleet.


With our comprehensive ship management services, we offer vessel chartering opportunities for various projects globally. Whether it's for stone-laying operations or towing activities, our vessels are versatile and equipped to handle a wide range of tasks with utmost precision.

safety & industry standards

We understand the importance of reliability and efficiency in the shipping industry, and that is why we have implemented strict safety protocols and adhere to international maritime standards. Trust us to provide excellent service, meet project timelines, and maintain the highest industry standards.


The configuration of our ships allows the vessel to be installed in close proximity to offshore platforms such as monopiles. Vessels available to order:

stone laying vessel

The vessel is equipped to perform different types of rock installation, namely the fallpipe through the moon pool, or a tremie pipe over the side.

Subsea rock installation vessel

The vessel, with a deadweight of 14,000 tonnes, a length of 154 metres, and a beam of 28 metres, will be suitable for installing a wide range of rock sizes.


Powerful vessel designed to handle a wide range of marine towing and support operations.
Stone-laying vessels


We specialize in providing efficient and reliable vessel rental services. Our experienced team facilitates seamless logistics and ensures prompt deployment, allowing projects to proceed smoothly and on schedule.

Our company offers a comprehensive range of services for the rental, operation, and maintenance of stone-laying vessels and tugboats worldwide.

In addition to vessel chartering, our dedicated professionals offer comprehensive vessel management and maintenance services. From routine inspections to major repairs, our meticulous approach ensures that our fleet remains in optimal condition, maximizing operational efficiency and safety for our clients.


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